An international cyber exercise taking place online as part of the Innovation Space at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). During Standoff, cybersecurity professionals from various countries will hone their skills to ensure robust protection for companies, industrial facilities, and entire sectors of the economy
June 4–7, 2024


Innovation Space is a flagship project of the Roscongress Foundation, showcasing high-tech, science, and venture investment at SPIEF.
The Standoff cyberbattle is...
The virtual state emulates IT and OT systems from various sectors including finance, industry, power, oil and gas, and utilities. This allows every participant to truly immerse themselves in their role during the battle and unleash their abilities.
A cyber exercise for information security researchers to test the defenses of companies from a variety of sectors, all within a virtual state.
Standoff in numbers
Since 2016
international cyberbattle Standoff has been an annual event
teams from different countries are invited to participate
infosec experts from all over the globe have taken part in Standoff
companies have improved their cyberresilience by having their teams participate in the battle
Main cyberbattle objectives
Cybersecurity is crucial for protecting users, companies, and entire countries as it helps to ensure continuous operation of all economic sectors. Standoff aims to promote cybersecurity awareness, knowledge, and practices.
For spectators
For participants
The Standoff cyberbattle demonstrates how insufficient protection of high-profile businesses, critical facilities, and government agencies can lead to catastrophic consequences.
Cyberbattle participants can test their skills and experience the intensity of lifelike cyberattacks. This will help them enhance the security of real organizations.
At every event, we set up an interactive model that shows in real time the impact of attacks carried out by red teams: oil pipeline spills, statewide power outages, or freight train derailments. Even though the battle will take place online this time, SPIEF visitors will be able to see the model in the special Positive Technologies zone.

See the attack impact
Who can join
the Standoff cyberbattle?
What's in it for you
Get to know various cybersecurity tools and attack techniques
Working in an ultra-realistic infrastructure, defenders learn to understand the thought process of attackers
Each cyberbattle brings together hundreds of cybersecurity professionals from different countries, enabling them to gain new insights and boost their expertise
Share relevant knowledge with an international community of experts
Test hypotheses without affecting companies
Participants can boldly test their strategies during the cyberbattle and then apply this experience in their daily work
All of this empowers cybersecurity professionals to protect real organizations and entire sectors of the economy more effectively
How to participate
Sign-ups for Standoff cyberbattle are now closed
If you want to set up your own cyberbattle, contact us at, and we’ll come up with something exciting together.
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Standoff dossier
Over the last 8 years, the cyberbattle has gained recognition in Russia and beyond.
The first Standoff cyberbattle
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Standoff 4
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Standoff visuals
If you have any questions about participation or the battle itself, please contact us at